All New Original Lightweight (SV3)

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The longest tested wearable air-vest on the market!

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Ready to Ride 

Hit-Air’s All New Original Lightweight is a “harness type” design airbag deployment, giving faster response time. Lightweight and comfortable, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it. It is also quieter than previous models, keeping your horse happier too. The All New Original Lightweight (SV3) is the new upgraded Original Super Lightweight Air Vest with YKK Vislon zipper for easy opening and closing of the keybox cover. With the XS-S weighing less than 2 pounds, Hit-Air is the lightest harness air vest on the market.  Featuring the Hit-Air Coccyx protection air bag that opens and drops down upon activation. Internal padding has been included behind the keybox.

A person riding on the back of a horse.


New vests come with (1) CO2 Cartridge, Tool Kit and Directions, (1) All-In-One OR Western Bungee, (1) Hit-Air Hanger for proper storage of your vest.

CO2 Cartridge: 48cc for all sizes


** Buckle Extender can be added for use over winter clothing and to give up to 4 additional inches for fit.**

 Height is approximate, based on standard back length.


Get Saddled Up in your All New Original Lightweight !

Check out our How It Works page for more details on the options available for the All New Original Lightweight! All Hit-Air models come with universal connection parts, allowing you to gear up regardless of your riding style. Follow the setup shown here by securing the Western bungee lanyard snugly around your horn, noting that the horn has a flat top. Riders should locate the best point to connect the saddle by ensuring it stays in place in case of inflation. To test this, riders can practice dismounting without CO2 in the vest to avoid using a canister unnecessarily.


 Learn How to Take Care of Your Vest!

Check out our How It Works page for more details on how to properly store and take care of your vest.

Additional information


XS-S, S-M, M-L



Connection Set-Up

All-In-One Lanyard & Saddle Strap, Western Bungee Lanyard

1 review for All New Original Lightweight (SV3)

  1. Stephanie

    It really works.
    On 1/26/22 I was working on my jumping with my trainer. Surprisingly, my horse bucked after the second jump (first time he had ever bucked), and I flew off. I had my Hit air vest on and was fine. Determined to not end the lesson on that note, I got back on and decided to canter some poles without my vest. Because what were the chances that I would fall off twice? Well, as we cantered through poles, my horse bucked me several times and I fell off onto my back. Resulting in breaking my L2 vertebra. No riding for at least 6 months and I have to wear a back brace for three months. It was the exact same fall as before, but because I didn’t have the air vest on, I fractured my back. This accident was a clear example of how the Hit Air vest can prevent injuries. It was the same type of fall, same horse, same rider and same ground, but with the vest I was completely fine. Without the vest I suffered a 25% compression fracture of my L2. Eight weeks in a back brace with no lifting more than 10 pounds, followed by physical therapy. No riding for 6 months and after than I will be on lead line lessons for weeks. All because I was I didn’t go get my second canister and reset my vest!

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