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The Original Advantage

The (“H”) Advantage has garnered praise for its sleek appearance and innovative airbag design and like many Hit-Air models, achieving some of the hardest CE certified standards.

Manufactured by the international leader and founder of wearable air vest!

The H is a “harness type” airbag and sits close to the body with a unique design allowing continuous airflow for a cooler riding experience. The airbag system has tubing that is sandwiched between the shock absorbing pads, which provides an excellent shock absorbing performance. The harness-style design and adjustable waist belt, allows for a wide range of compatible sizes.

This airbag system is perfect for riders of all equestrian disciplines.  The design will allow for a beautiful fit over a show coat however is durable enough for horse life. The Hit-Air Advantage vest offers protection for all disciplines, including Eventing, Endurance, Carriage and Western. The Hit-Air wearable air vest do not require an additional safety vest however with proper sizing, can accommodate mandates that might be required while participating is certain equestrian activities.


New vests come with (1) CO2 Cartridge, Tool Kit and Directions, (1) All-In-One OR Western Bungee, and (1) Hit-Air Hanger for proper storage of your vest.

Canister: XS-M – 50cc, L-XL – 60cc


See our How It Works page for more information on sizing and measuring

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XS, S, M, L, XL

Color & Style

Black, Navy, Black w/ Zipper Closure


All-In-One Lanyard, Western Bungee Lanyard

4 reviews for Original “H” Advantage

  1. Oliver

    I have been riding with this jacket for about three months now. It is relatively light and unobtrusive. I completely forget that I’m wearing it once I start riding. It also channels air very well so it doesn’t get hot. Now for the part of the review that really matters: While cantering in a jump arena a few weeks ago, my horse spooked when a food truck cook took out some tinfoil. The sudden noise and glare of the foil spooked my horse. My horse suddenly cut hard to the right and I kept going straight. Suddenly, I had no horse under me. I heard a noise which I figured out afterwards was the jacket rapidly inflating. I felt my head get pushed forward a bit from the neck airbag deploying—not painful but unexpected. I habitually tuck and roll onto my side when I fall. For that reason, I most often fall on my hip. That’s what happened here. The hip air pockets had deployed and I hit the ground hard on my right hip. I got up immediately and realized, somewhat surprised, that I was completely uninjured. The jacket did its job as designed. I got right back on my horse sans jacket and finished my ride. Later that night, I repacked the jacket which was easy and inserted a new CO2 cartridge. The next morning, I was completely fine—no hip soreness. I wore the jacket again a few days later on my next ride. There was no downtime due to injury. There is also a psychological benefit to these jackets that does not get discussed much but that is worth noting: Horses are incredibly intuitive and can literally smell your fear or uneasiness. The more confident you are on the horse, the calmer the horse. So not only does this jacket instill a ton of confidence in me, my horse performs much better because he senses my confidence, or conversely, he doesn’t pick up any stress from me because the jacket gives me more confidence. A calm horse is less likely to spook or do something unexpected. IMHO, this is an ancillary benefit to this jacket that is significant. And given that injuries can linger psychologically long after the physical injuries have healed, this jacket gives me the confidence to hop right back on after a fall and also gives me the confidence to develop new skills knowing that if I do fall, I am far less likely to get seriously injured. In sum, this was $550 well spent.

  2. Stacie Helsing

    Great product. Saved me today when my horse decided to flip over! Felt amazing support!

  3. Jacko Day

    At a horse show, competing over my level in jumpers, my horse stopped – I did not. I landed on top of a wooden pole, breaking it. While the wooden pole was in between both back airbags and I did bruise my back – my Hit-Air vest saved me from breaking my neck and back.. Forever grateful. Thank you Hit-Air.

  4. Angelina Poe

    I purchased hit air advantage in 2021 after I fractured my back on a riding fall. I recently had a fall on a trail ride while cantering. I landed on my hip and back. I hopped back up with not even a scratch. The vest deflated within 10 mins and replacing the canister was easy. The vest is light, I forget that I’m wearing it. It also gives me more confidence. I highly recommend it!

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