About Us

Why Hit-Air

Hit-Air is the lightest air vest on the market. Riders in every discipline find safety important; however, riders cannot allow for heavy-weighted, bulky, and non-breathable safety equipment to hold them down. HIT-Air is known for being the best protection on the market with the PLUS of being the lightest and least constricting!

Designed to inflate outward, wear the Hit-Air Equestrian vest snug. This eliminates the feeling of wearing something baggy. The outward inflation also eliminates the "punched in the gut" feeling other air vests produce.

Parents, your child will feel more comfortable. They will not be scared of the potentially painful shock other air vest create.

Our Hit-Air vests designed specifically for kids will help give you will the peace of mind that you have come as close as possible to bubbling wrapping your loved one.

Most Affordable! We are able to bring you the best vest at the best price! With our 20 years of design and testing, no equestrian air vest has been able to meet our price.

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