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The Hit-Air Pro has larger airbags than the standard Hit-Air vest to give the same quality protection for all riders. The air bags deploy just as fast as the Original Hit-Air to keep you safe on your rides. The airbag is placed at the back of the key box to strengthen it’s shock buffering function. A panel of “VISCO ELASTAN”, an additional shock absorbing material, placed behind the CO2 cartridge and on each front rib panel provides additional protection.


New vests come with (1) CO2 Cartridge, Tool Kit and Directions, (1) All-In-One

Canister: S – 50cc


See our How It Works page for more information on sizing and measuring


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2 reviews for Original MLV “Pro”

  1. Paul

    My wife is a Hit-Air frequent flyer. She starts horses, rides trails/endurance, and obstacle courses, so unscheduled dismounts are an expected thing. She’s had the vest pop more times than I care to count, and every single time she’s hopped right up, dusted herself off, inserted a new co2 and jumped back in the saddle in just a few minutes. She’s come off in arenas, trails, and on concrete. Worse injury was a scuffed elbow on the concrete. None of our horses have spooked from the sound of the Hit-Air vest inflating (I’ve heard about other brands being so loud they scare the horse). These vests are truly amazing, and a huge comfort thing for me. We’ve even bought vests for friends, and special needs kids that ride, that’s how much we love and trust Hit-Air.

  2. Allison Jackson (verified owner)

    I have yet to have an unplanned dismount (inflation), knock on wood. IR riding in this vest about half a dozen times now. It is comfortable and I don’t really notice it once I’m in the saddle and riding. I like the two-clip easy on and off and it is easy to clip in and out of the saddle. It does allow a bit more movement around my chest than a different vest others at my barn wear. However I think a little wiggle room is a good thing so that if/when the vest does inflate it doesn’t squeeze the air out of your lungs.

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