Hit-Air Vest Annual Inspection




If your Hit-Air vest is having any issues, our Inspection Department is here to help!

Our team of knowledgeable in-house inspection staff is trained to test your vest and complete minor repairs. During inspection, your Hit-Air vest is checked for proper inflation and deflation and the outer material is checked for damage.  If we encounter any issues with your vest, we will call you to discuss next steps for repair or replacement.

Inspection is not only for damaged vests! Our manufacturer recommends annual inspection for all Hit-Air vests. Annual inspection extends the life-span of your Hit-Air vest and ensures it is working properly so you know you are always protected.


A download link for the Inspection Form will be sent to you via order confirmation email after payment is completed. The link will be valid for 3 downloads and 5 days. Print out our downloadable inspection form, fill it out, and ship it to us with your vest. After inspection, we will ship your vest right back to you with a new CO2 cartridge installed.

If Inspection is purchased alongside other items, the other items in your order will not ship until your vest has completed inspection. Please allow 5-7 business days for inspection after we receive your vest at our office. Ship your vest with only the key ball so we can reset after inspection. Do not send your lanyard, saddle straps or tool kits.

Please ship all vests via FedEx or UPS. We are unable to receive USPS packages at our office. If you have to ship the vest by USPS, expect a possible 1-2 week delay in inspection to allow us time to pick up the package at the Post Office. Please be aware, we have had issues with USPS mishandling and losing packages, leading to further delays.


The customer is responsible for checking their lanyard, saddle strap, and other accessories for signs of wear. As stated in the Hit-Air Vest User Manual, if your lanyard, saddle strap, or other accessories shows any signs of wear, they should be replaced. Using worn or damaged lanyards, saddle straps, and other accessories may impede the function of the vest and result in the vest not functioning as intended.


Our manufacturer recommends replacing vests after 5 years. Vests and jackets over 5 years old are not eligible for inspection or repairs. Vest that have damage or are over 5 years old please contact us first at info@hitairsports.com.


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